What is Star Ultra V Lifting?

Star PDO (polydioxanone) mono, screw, double screw, twin

An ideal skin rejuvenation solution using high quality needles and modern PDO threads.

The brand comprises various types of threads such as mono, screw, double screw, twin, and others.


Mono threads are attached using a sponge. They are inserted by way of a needle, with the thread measuring the length of the needle. Mono threads promote skin elasticity and rejuvenation by activating fibroblasts and stimulating blood circulation.

Double screw

Screws, double screws and twins are attached using a sponge. They can come in the form of one or two threads intertwined together around the inserting needle in a spiral shape, double spiral shape, or twin spiral shape. The threads in the skin stimulate the facial muscles and lead to increased skin elasticity. This lifts sagging facial skin and reduces small wrinkles.

Average amount of threads used per treatment: approx. 20-100

Effect duration: approx. 6-12 months