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PDO mesothread „STAR“ implantation and thread lift technology offers „lifting and skin tightening effects“, leading to a visible improvement in skin texture and skin tone with long-lasting effects. STAR threads are fully absorbed after approx. 6 to 12 months. The effects of the PDO mesothreads are immediately visible and last up to two years. STAR threads are an innovation for the strengthening of tissue  in any or all areas of the face and body. The biodegradable STAR threads are able to stimulate facial and body tissue in all directions.

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STAR threads are polydioxanone PDO threads contained in a surgical hypodermic needle. The thread is attached to the needle with a round sponge clamp. After the needle has been inserted under the skin, the needle is removed and the thread remains in the SMAS layer.

Wrinkles are smoothed, large pores are minimized, the skin is tightened and the overall appearance of the skin is improved. The actual firming, regeneration and revitalization effect is a result of the biological thread degradation process. Blood circulation in the tissue is vastly improved and fibroblasts move into the treated area.

Under a microscope, this effect is visible and the collagen formation is scientifically measurable.

Treatment procedure

Directly after the procedure

Immidiate skin firming

After 1-4 weeks

The body heals itself

Up to 3 months

Creation of fiboplasts

Approx. 5-12 months

The Threads dissolve

As of the 6th month

Effects of the tissue structure remain

This effect lasts for 24 months!

A doctor who is not an artist, is not a doctor.

Götz, Curt


Our threads

We carry the latest in state-of-the-art PDO lifting threads (mesothreads)

The right thread for each indication – in our workshops we will teach you all the suitable treatments. We carry approximately 20 different types of threads in various sizes, from mono threads to absorbable PDO Gold COG threads.

The STAR thread treatment does not require special preparation, an anesthetic (e.g. NUMB MASTER) is used. The small incisions heal quickly and no visible traces remain. As a rule, the patient can resume his or her daily routine immediately.


PDO thread lifting workshops

Become adept in the use of thread lifting: theoretical and hands-on training by international medical practitioners – in small groups, for both beginners and advanced levels.

Course content: PART 1: The theory of thread lifting:

  • The treatments and their effects: chin line and chin folds, eyebrows, mouth, lips, cheeks, forehead, periorbital region, nasolabial folds and nose, frown lines, neck
  • Side effects – possible complications

PART 2: Practical training

  • Various facial and body techniques with different types of threads.
  • Course of action: before, during and after treatment

Current dates:

Austria / Vienna

    • 5.10.2019 Hands on Training Star PDO Lifting Threads Necklifting
    • 7.12.2019  PDO Goldthreads + PLLA Threads Rainbow


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